I am excited to share with you my newest project — VOLUME TWO of Concussion Discussions — an anthology highlighting doctors in the functional neurology field, and other providers using non-traditional modalities to treat concussion/TBI patients.


In case you’re asking yourself, “What is an anthology?” — an anthology is a book of collected short pieces written by numerous people around a specific theme.


For those of you who may not be familiar with who I am . . . I am a TBI survivor who fell on the ice in 2014. I discovered functional neurology 2.5 years into my recovery, and I credit it with giving me back my life. I’m sure you all know how the story goes . . . I saw over a dozen different doctors, most with ‘neuro’ in their title, after my fall and was continually told “There’s nothing we can do,” “Just give it more time,” “You’re just depressed,” etc. Within two minutes of my FN exam, I felt validated and supported. Since then, I have been on a mission to help other TBI survivors find resources (like FN) sooner rather than later in their journey.


I have published three books (two are my story, one is an anthology of survivor stories). I also host a popular podcast series, “Faces of TBI”, produce TBI TV and “Concussion Discussions” on YouTube, moderate a Facebook group of 10,200+ members (Amy’s TBI Tribe), and publish The Brain Health Magazine.


This book is one more tool to help educate survivors and caregivers, and an excellent marketing tool for YOU to spread the word about what you do, while supporting the industry as a whole.

Please see the  PDF below for a full breakdown of what is included with your $1,500 investment, but to recap here are the key points:
– professional editing, formatting, design, and printing of the book
– 25 copies of the book you can sell or give away
– PR one-sheet for promotion to your local news
– press releases
– direct marketing to my TBI Tribe and social network of 40K+ followers
– virtual book launch party


What is required of you:

– a 2,000-word story highlighting a specific symptom that you’re an expert at treating
– a financial investment, which will pay for itself with one new patient
– help in promoting the Kickstarter marketing campaign (approx. January)
– a desire to help TBI survivors and their families!


Additionally, I am also creating a few other resources for those of you who would like to take advantage of them:
– a 1:1 phone call with me to discuss how to find a patient advocate for your clinic
– resources on how to host a successful book launch party/open house
– Facebook Live video to introduce you to my Tribe
– guest on my podcast
– guest on an upcoming season of Concussion Discussions (youtube series).


If you want to be a part of this educational anthology, please let me know ASAP — I only have room for 30 authors to take part in this edition.


click on the image to download the full PDF